20Luo Yonghao get together with X to take off|Luo Yonghao get together with X to take off0

Luo Yonghao: well rehearsed together with X fly hammer technology and Luo Yonghao have both confirmed on October 18th at 19:30 in the evening Shanghai Mercedes Benz cultural center held a new conference, tempt the appetite, long-awaited T3 is finally coming. Although experienced all sorts of bad, but it seems that Luo Yonghao is still very optimistic, before publicly said, T3 has been successfully mass production, he also prepared a lot of a lot of cattle X to blow to everyone. Hammer powder their enthusiasm has been fully mobilized, there are fans, said: every holiday wish to come soon, but no holiday is so much want to come to an end soon." Luo Yonghao responded: "these seven days you have a good rest, I good rehearsal, when…… Let’s pretend to take off." This is the old look of confidence! I hope this will be able to hear a more exciting crosstalk, but also hope that T3 can have excellent performance.

90Five small key to postpartum hair loss|Five small key to postpartum hair loss2

Five small key no longer let postpartum hair loss [Abstract] people always think Tixu, need tonic, especially breastfeeding mothers to eat less fruits, vegetables, if the hair loss is more to accept Dabu special meeting, in fact, this is not a correct view. Who is the "culprit" postpartum alopecia? Update rate and the estrogen level in women’s hair are closely related: when estrogen levels are high, hair update speed will slow down; and low levels of estrogen, the update rate of the hair will accelerate. Under normal circumstances, the average person’s hair every 2 to 7 years to replace all the time, because the hair is usually updated in batches, generally not easy to detect. During pregnancy, pregnant women secrete a large increase in estrogen than usual. In this case, the normal hair loss speed will be slow, the hair is thick, smooth, shiny, and little dander and dandruff. After childbirth, estrogen began to decrease, and reduce the rate of pregnancy was significantly faster than the growth rate of the estrogen, estrogen temporarily retain the hair, then began to focus on the "exit". This is significantly more than the usual number of postpartum alopecia, and estrogen level of maternal body recovery, need 2 to 7 months, which coincided with the baby "March that mother" time. It is not difficult to see from the above analysis, postpartum hair loss is mainly caused by changes in the level of estrogen, and the child’s mother is not necessarily recognized. Postpartum alopecia is a common phenomenon, and can recover, but let things drift, without cure, the scalp and hair from the original healthy state to the state of sub healthy or unhealthy. Family history of hair loss should pay special attention to people, so as not to cause intractable alopecia. Maternal depression, is also a cause of hair loss. Many inexperienced novice mother, it is difficult to deal with ease, anxiety, or light or heavy depression tendency, leading to metabolic disorders, resulting in hair loss. Some of the bad habits of confinement of folklore is not conducive to hair care, such as diet, postpartum single long shampoo bath etc.. [Abstract] people always think Tixu, need tonic, especially breastfeeding mothers to eat less fruits, vegetables, if the hair loss is more to accept Dabu special meeting, in fact, this is not a correct view. The prevention and treatment of postpartum alopecia has 1 key skills, refuse plastic, nylon comb is not difficult to find some of the most common market of plastic and nylon comb is easy to comb with the comb hair began to let the original claws, nylon and plastic comb easy to produce static electricity, is a strong adverse stimulus to the hair and scalp, not only let you the hair on the scalp is not obedient, harmful. The most ideal comb is made of wood, or some specially designed to reduce electrostatic comb, wooden comb, it can massage the scalp, promote the blood circulation, and help to remove dandruff. 2, the key to avoid ironing, dyeing, blow no matter what the season, often blowing hot air will destroy the hair tissue damage the scalp, once, don’t need to worry about, but when used should also make the hair dryer hair from 30 centimeters, and minimize air temperature. Perm, hair dye is also a greater impact on the hair, each time will be at the cost of damage to the hair quality, there is No.